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plexus for fixed camera arrays

Many of the stand-alone image-based modeling tools in the market (including MetaShape, Capturing Reality, and ContextCapture) offer excellent results and address a range of markets, from aerial mapping to manufacturing specialties. However, for those who have created their own custom 3D modeling pipelines, stand-alone software can often be a bit constrictive.

Importantly, most current image-based modeling software is not adept at playing nice with external pipeline elements, this incurs a great deal of extra processing time.

At plexus, we've focused on the needs of those who model from fixed camera arrays. Our platform now allows you to readily incorporate your existing camera telemetry in order to speed up your 3D reconstructions. In contrast, legacy software offerings typically require computing camera poses for each reconstruction, which adds significantly to the total time required.

Additionally, plexus' deep learning core accelerates the depth computation step, which is nearly always the most time intensive step in 3D reconstruction from images. As a result, plexus makes it feasible to allow processing with higher resolution source images, as well as animated reconstructions.

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